Anand Vijey

Head, Student Affairs & Career Development Centre.
1030 - 1115 AM

(23/4/2020) Thursday

Options After Secondary School: How To Match Your Unique Talents & Strengths To The Perfect Course

Anand Vijey, Head, Student Affairs & Career Development Centre.

Each year, tens of thousands of hopeful Secondary School Leavers enroll in colleges and universities nation-wide and overseas. After a few semesters, some think they've made the best choice in their life, some regret... Common issues like losing interest, academic pressure, diminishing job/career opportunities and financial issues cause many students waste valuable time and money in changing their course half-way through. In recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic have parents and students nationwide worrying whether is this the best time to study & will they have enough financial resources to fund their studies if situation worsen. Join this talk to learn how you can navigate through the confusions and challenges with SEGi.
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