Howie Chang

Founder and CEO

Howie Chang is the founder and CEO of Forward School (, a revolutionary technology and future skills school in Malaysia. At Forward, he leads the growth and development of the company, with the goal of building sustainable talent pipelines for businesses.

Having spent the formative years of his career in Singapore, he has a long experience of product management, user experience and digital business transformation in various industries. Howie also had stints with startups of all kinds, where he delved into the dynamic intersection of design, business and technology.

He was also the Head of UX and Design at Viki and Director of Product Management at Redmart, both which resulted as two of the most notable tech acquisitions in Southeast Asia.

1030 - 1115 AM

(22/4/2020) Wednesday

The Future Of Work Is About Skills, Not Degrees.

Howie Chang, Founder and CEO

“What matters most is relevant skills.” - Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn

Here at Forward School, we believe that practical skills will matter more than your degree in the new economy and that traditional education institutions might not necessary be the best place to equip you for the future. The current coronavirus pandemic is an excellent example that technology is and will be driving us forward. We are indeed in the midst of a profound social and economic transformation.

In this webinar we will be discussing these pointers:

- Automation and the gig economy are changing the future of work.
- How we must upskill and not just be consumers but creators of these new technologies.
- Learning has to be cross-disciplinary, personalised and focused on human skills.
- How Forward School working alongside with the industry can future-fit education.

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